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Accept and Payment Methods

Wix supports various payment providers to accept credit/debit cards, digital wallets, and other payment methods. Common providers include:

  • Wix Payments: Wix's native solution for processing credit/debit card payments and other methods.
  • PayPal: Popular for online payments and supports transactions in multiple currencies.
  • Other local and international providers: Based on your region and customer base.

SEO : Understanding and Implementation

Wix provides several built-in tools and features to help you optimize your website, including:

  • SEO Wiz: A step-by-step wizard that generates a personalized SEO plan.
  • SEO Patterns: Allows you to create rules for SEO settings across your site, such as title tags and meta descriptions.
  • SEO Settings: Offers control over page-specific SEO settings like meta tags, URL slugs, and more.

Why the Wix Website Builder Is the Best Choice for You

You can create a free and professional website all on your own. With Wix, you can start with a stunning template and customize it, or get a personalized website made just for you. When you choose Wix, you don’t just get a drag and drop website builder. You get the whole package. Free reliable web hosting, top security, the best SEO and a dedicated support team to help you along the way.

Over 160 million people worldwide choose Wix to create a free website. And you can do it, too.

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